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Air filled with contrails or government sprayed chemtrails?

Water vapor contrails left by high-altitude je...

Water vapor contrails left by high-altitude jet airliners. These may contribute to cirrus cloud formation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The white stripes you in the sky tracks condensation ordinary or concerns here called chemtrails, which are sprayed by the government and the army? Who question the American television CBS6.

“The last few months are extremely many chemtrails sprayed in Richmond, Virginia,” said radio personality Sean Anthony.

He has during his broadcasts frequently on the phenomenon. “The tracks run crisscross our air and many people are wondering what’s going on. It’s not normal. ”


Who’s behind it? “That’s a good question,” said Anthony. “My research has shown that the government and the military are involved. The term they use is geoengineering, weather modification. Chemtrails weaken the immune system and can be part of a depopulation program. “Many strange diseases due over the world to chemtrails.

Climate Scientists and the U.S. Air Force that the stripes are nothing more than condensation traces.There’s Anthony disagreed. “Chemtrails linger, that explains the tic-tac-toe pattern in the air. Tests have shown that they are aluminum, barium and sulfur. ”

Scientists say that contrails can linger in different ways because of the temperature, humidity and wind. If the atmosphere is saturated, a contrail linger longer, up to several hours. If the air is dry, the air line right away, said the scientists. A contrail can also thicken and resemble ordinary cirrus clouds.


Anthony suggests that some experiments with HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) match the atmospheric manipulation that is attributed to the chemtrails.

Many people around the world believe that spraying chemtrails not some conspiracy theory is. “I have some guests on my show had in the aircraft have flown with their own eyes how the chemicals were mixed,” explained Anthony out.

According to the journalist CBS6 it is impossible to all those involved in such an alleged conspiracy to silence.


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