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NASA caught erase UFO evidence?


original17On the internet there is fuss because NASA removed some photos from her archive.

The photos are used by various groups to show that the Earth is being visited by aliens and that governments hide this information.

The Examiner writes :

The photos were published in May 2011 on the website of the Johnson Space Center and clearly demonstrate an advanced spacecraft. The photos were eighteen years at the site of NASA until they were suddenly removed.

It is thus suggested that NASA actually admits the existence of extraterrestrial visitors to conceal. Others argue that these are images of satellites, possibly the Hubble.

NASA-deleted-photoSeveral websites get a quote of a former employee of NASA. Clark C. McClelland would have worked on several missions, including the Apollo Program, the International Space Station and space shuttle missions. He was at the Kennedy Space Center a 2.7 meter space creature have seen speaking with two NASA astronauts. However there is no evidence to show that the said missions McClelland actually worked.



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