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Ex-KGB agent talks about ufo’s


kgb_badge_20126_redIn the Soviet Union ufo’s were taken seriously. The secret service KGB and the Soviet Ministry of Defense had special units for information about paranormal activities to collect and analyze.

Several military experts even claimed that they could  ‘call’  ufo’s

The Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev recently received an unusual request. A journalist from REN TV asked him if it was true that every Russian president was handed a secret map about ufos


Medvedev could confirm this. According to the Prime Minister receives a report every president of the secret services, which are responsible for monitoring the aliens on Russian territory.

On the question whether many aliens living among us did not answer Medvedev ‘to not to cause panic. He advised interested in the documentary series Men in Black view.

Some did the reaction of Medvedev off as a joke, but several former army officers from the Soviet era have recently decided the secrecy surrounding the mystery of UFOs to lift.

For more than 20 years in Moscow every year a conference on the study of paranormal phenomena. Many consecutive years were UFO sightings in the Soviet Union seen as pseudoscience or fiction. There were only a few enthusiasts who wanted to seriously study the facts.


In 1978 there was a turn when hundreds, if not thousands of inhabitants of the city Petrozavodsk hours a strange glowing object in the sky saw. The local emergency services were flooded with letters and phone calls. Even neighbors wondered what mysterious military exercise in the USSR was done.

Professor Anatoly Aleksandrov, the father of the Russian nuclear submarine and the designer of the first generation RBMK nuclear reactors, wrote them a letter that it was a big mistake would be to ignore the issue any longer. He found that it was necessary to set up special programs and to study these phenomena.

The source of this story is the retired Major General of the Russian security service FSB Vasili Jeremenko. He was previously responsible for a department within the KGB that the Air Force and oversaw the construction of aircraft. The department was also responsible for collecting all UFO sightings.

Around the time of his arrival had already numerous paranormal incidents. Missile Units received special instructions just in case they would see a UFO. The important thing was that they were not hostile preparation.


Early eighties, near the city of Astrakhan an experiment done to UFOs ‘to call’. Experts have discovered that UFOs were mainly observed in areas with “increased voltage”, for example in the case of a weapons test or in areas where military equipment was collected. Jeremenko noted that most of the objects looked like luminous globes.

Some even tried to make contact with the objects. “It worked as follows: one on the ground waved his arms, twice with his right arm and twice with his left arm. The ball in the air responded by twice to the right and lean to the left twice. We had no explanation, “said Jeremenko.

The army and the scientists who took part in the experiment had three possible explanations for the unknown flying objects. Firstly, the natural phenomena that modern science can not yet explain. Second, the U.S. or Japanese reconnaissance aircraft can be. Third, the alien ships may be.

During interviews with pilots and cosmonauts have already arranged Jeremenko heard stories about UFOs, but they want according to him not to speak publicly about. The Major-General is convinced that this issue should be taken seriously.


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