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UFO Cover-Ups Must End, Moonwalker Edgar Mitchell Says

On 5 February 1971, the American astronaut Edgar Mitchell was the sixth person to set foot on the moon.

Of the 12 people who have landed on the moon, Mitchell is the only one who has spoken about in his eyes extraterrestrial origin of UFOs and government involvement in the cover-up on this subject openly.

The 82-year-old Mitchell is not just anybody. He took in 1952 a bachelor’s degree in industrial management at the Carnegie Institute of Technology. He then joined the U.S. Navy, where he became a test pilot. He graduated from and a PhD from MIT in aeronautics.

Militair-Industrieel complex

Had recently author of The Right Stuff James Clash a conversation with him. Mitchell got more questions about the Roswellincident in 1947. “After my spaceflight family names of the witnesses to contact me, including the person’s coffins for the alien bodies had been delivered to the Air Force,” said Mitchell. “Among them was one of the sons of the deputy who arranged the traffic around the crash site.”

“There was also an army officer who shared an office with people who were involved in the operation,” he continued. “They all said that alien bodies were found. They were credible on me. “

Clash asks why this information is kept quiet. Mitchell: “The army leadership felt that people were not ready, but we are now well past. I remember what President Eisenhower said during his afscheidsstoespraak: “Beware of the military-industrial complex.” I suspect that it has to deal with. “


“Not only the army plays a role here,” he explained. “It is a group of organizations that primarily on money. At the beginning of the 20th century, invented the airplane. Twenty years later, the aircraft industry was born. Just think about it what this could mean for space if you have access to ufotechnologie. There is a lot of money involved. “

Mitchell says never to have seen a UFO. He is also said never threatened because of his strong views on the subject. To own

The astronaut has his eye on the future. “We need a group of countries that invests in space because we were early or late to leave this planet,” he said. “Our sun goes at any given time and we are not in a sustainable situation.”