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What is enlightenment?

The demons in this world are in our hearts and that is where the battle must be fought, Gandhi once said.

Enlightenment is simply a western notion that some terms are indicated. Part of it is ‘awakening’ and ‘understanding’.

In the West, the concept lighting synonymous with self-realization and true self, conceived as a substantial essence that is covered by civil and social conditioning.

In practice, there are strong similarities with Romanticism than with the Enlightenment or Age of Reason: the emphasis on feeling, on intuitive understanding and the true essence behind the world of phenomena.

In particular, DT Suzuki spoke of a timeless, transcendent reality. Further popularization of the concept was facilitated by Heinrich Dumoulin, who saw metaphysics as the expression of a transcendent truth.

The ability to awaken in every sentient being aawezig and builds on statements that consciousness or spirit of themselves pure and clean, and dirty or obscured by desires and lust. The insight into the essence of the spirit comes upon awakening emerged.