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NASA astronaut: aliens are here


O'Leary, Dr Brian T

O’Leary, Dr Brian T (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)

Former astronaut Brian O’Leary died on July 28, 2011 death. He formed part of the sixth group of astronauts in August 1967 by the U.S. space agency NASA was composed.



O’Leary was professor of physics at Princeton University. According to him, there is much evidence that we are being visited by aliens.



He said that civilizations have long come to the earth, and that they use technologies that are based on consciousness. “Their drive is based on toroids and rotating magnetic disks,” said O’Leary. “The UFOs can locally manipulate time and space. This enables them to make their own anti-gravity propulsion and energy to awaken. ”



ON 18 september 1994  Dr. O’Leary sad during the International Forum on New Science in Fort Collins in Colorado:



A secret group within the U.S. government keeps the masses for nearly 50 years away at about UFOs and extraterrestrial contact. We have contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. This information is probably obscured by an elite group within the CIA, NSA and DIA. This small group knows well the secrets to keep. Watergate and the Iran-Contra affair are child compared to this cosmic Watergate about UFOs, aliens, mind control, genetic engineering, free energy and antigravity.



O’Leary suggested not only that an extraterrestrial presence on Earth, he also took part in the debate about the face on Mars. He also wrote the foreword to the book Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge by Steven Greer. The book is about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, free energy, anti-gravity and other exotic technologies that are oppressed.